Monday, April 21, 2008

Ninjitsu World Series

The Ninjitsu World Series is the most top secret martial arts tournament in Japan. It is surrounded by clouds of mystery and reporters inquiring often end up mysteriously abandoning the case.  The popular action flick, Bloodsport, starring jean-claude-van-dam, features a tournament based on the Ninjitsu World Series. Known winners of the Ninjitsu World Series include

Takeshi Yamatori - 1962
Jean Sinclair Taboot - 1990
Evan D. Fleisch - 1996
Samuel Clemens Montesqui - 2002

The Ninjitsu World Series has direct ties to the Yakuza Mafia, and atleast 6 fatalities have been attributed by japanese authorities to the event.  Japanese police of chief for Tokya,  Yayori Takaro in 1996 called it, "the most dangerous and skilled martial arts tournament of all time". Sources close to the Yakuza Mafia claim the tournament has been going on in secrecy for centuries